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The Program for Good Sleep is designed to be conducted with the help of your physician. In addition to following the directions of your physician, you can help yourself be more successful by reading and following the information in the Program for Good Sleep-BBTi Patient Manual . BBTi stands for “Brief Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia”. First line treatment for Chronic Insomnia Disorder is usually Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBTi). This program is usually provided by a psychologist over a series of 4 – 8 session normally lasting 30 – 60 minutes each. This can be time consuming and expensive. For many patients the behavioural part by itself is all that is necessary. BBTi is the behavioral part. It can be initiated by your physician in a regular office visit and fine-tuned during regular follow-up visits. This program may not be completely effective for everyone but it is a good place to start to improve your insomnia. ‏

There is a Sleep Diary for you to complete every morning and bring to your next visit with your physician. Completing the Diary will help your physician make adjustments to your sleep program. It will also help to remind you of the habits you need to follow to become a good sleeper.

On the other side of the Sleep Diary there is a 4 Essential Habits for Conditioning Good Sleep summary handout for you to follow. Refer to it every night until you remember each habit. You need to follow all of the 4 Essential Habits every night for it to really work. If you have difficulty understanding how to do it or why you need to do it, then refer to the corresponding section in the Patient Manual or ask your physician.

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